Minis 2/2

Mostly links to and screenshots of stuff.

Web screen split library

Small library to enable space splitting in a web interface.

Might be useful for internal applications or development oriented content.


Uppy file uploader

Is this the new "best in class" for file uploader?

It supports lots of "uploaders", configurable XHR, S3...

File can come from webcam, drag-n-drop or from "providers" like google-drive, instagram.


Compliance is the key

Rule: They say that all electronic equipment must be secured.

Implementation: loading-ag-1460

Design game

Fun game.

my score: 6830


CLI file manager like VIM

Just because we can!


RFC 863

There is an RFC called "discard protocol...

And obviously there is an implementation.


ebook on images on the web

Just about everything you need to know about images.

And be sure to use to test.


Disabilities simulation on the web

Funkify is a chrome extension to simulate different disabilities your user might encounter.


frontend checklist

Nice tool to check before publishing a new web site.


Handling fonts on the web

The most concise guide on how to load fonts on the web.

🔗 ⋯ js-web-fonts.html