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Mostly links to and screenshots of stuff.

Svelte summit 2021

This year's svelte summit was great. My picks of this year's summit in no particular order.

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Network Error Logging

Server responses so slow the user abandoned! Trace using NEL and an example in Node.js

🔗 ⋯ server-responses-so- ⋯

Futuristic Web development

Watch this potential future replacement of svelte/Sapper.


Svelte summit 2020

Svelte, svelte, svelte.


Svelte v3 rulez!

Svelte is the "new" kid on the block and it is great!

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React simple animation

Very interesting package to look into to do some animations with React.


Formik for React forms

Formik is a tool to handle all the boilerplate code around forms in React.

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Digital Psychology

Very interesting!

Digital Psychology: a free library of psychological principles and examples for inspiration to enhance the customer experience and connect with your users.



Simple stupid bundler for libraries.

Using rollup.

🔗 npm/

Web screen split library

Small library to enable space splitting in a web interface.

Might be useful for internal applications or development oriented content.