Random thoughts

Sometimes I write things.

Moving to archlinux (and away from Ubuntu)

Ubuntu is forcing the Snap thing through and I have the feeling that it's not ready yet.

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A nice JSON formatter for the command line

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Generating pages from data with 11ty

11ty is a static page generator on steroids that can help in a lot of situation.

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Open letter to PostFinance

Write-up about my frustration as being your customer.

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Create React app not at /

How to configure create-react-app to live in a sub-folder

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dev-proxy or why I fork

Being the maintainer of a publicly used module is hard. I'm not really one. You get a lot of requests because the module is not solving the specific need of another user. You loose a lot of time sorting issues that might be bugs from requests.

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Lodash sucks

hehe... clickbait.

But yes, I mean it when you plan to use it in the browser.

How to be blocked from updating your password

Achievement unlocked: being blocked because of non compliant current password

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Images on the web

Working at trying to enhance the visits of our customers on the website, we looked into image format and sizes.

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